A Prayer For the One Feeling Lonely

Savior, Lord and friend, be near this one who comes to pray with me. Perhaps they have been praying for a sign that someone loves them and cares. Here it is!

Even though I pray not knowing who might need this, I sense Your fingerprints all over this, Father. So bring light where there is darkness, truth where there is lie, peace where there is war, and healing where there is brokenness.

Come, gentle Savior, speak into the heart of my precious friend. Speak life. Speak beauty. Speak hope.

I thank You that You are a generous God, and in Your generosity, You saw fit to rescue me from that same pit. Thank You for sending the word of hope when I needed it. Thank You for saving my life! Knowing that You see us all the same, I pray that You would, in Your sky-topping generosity, would lift my friend now out of the pit and teach them to stand in the beauty and hope and light of the life You give! No more heartache, no more sense of defeat. No more “well, that’s just MY luck” for them. It’s You, God, at work, building hope into a hopeless heart.

Thank You, my healer friend! Thank You, loving Father.

And now I pray that in finding hope restored, my friend will have the strength to call on You and recognize that You are God. You have been able to rescue them, You have shown them hope and mercy, and now you offer life. We confess You, Lord, we believe in Your resurrection, we know that sin has tried to break us and we bring it to You now for Your forgiveness and saving grace. By our words, God, we say “yes!” to You. Yes, yes, yes. You are Lord of me!

In Your Name, Jesus, I say, let it be so!


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